Sandbag Training Workouts

The sandbag is a superior training tool because it takes functional training to a whole new level. Be ready to experience a workout unlike any you have experienced before!

With 6 different handles to challenge every body part, the sandbag is the one single piece of equipment that encompasses all the benefits of traditional fitness modes – Kettlebells, dumbbell, bands, medicine balls, etc. – into one incredible training tool – plus a whole lot more.

The versatility of the sandbag, matched with the shifting sand inside, gives you the ability to accomplish so much more out of each exercise. With a sandbag, movement based exercises utilize both acceleration and deceleration which means the body must recruit A LOT of muscles to account for these speed changes. This in turn develops both those smaller stabilizers and the bigger muscles much faster. When you add it all up… well, you get an incredible metabolic resistance training session.

Super Sandbag Training is highly effective because it activates more muscles simultaneously than any other form of functional training.

What you will get from Super Sandbag Training:

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